Development of the Primorskaya Poultry Factory (the 3d stage)

Address: Akhtarskiy village, Primorsko-Akhtarsk districtInvestor: the Primorskaya Poultry Factory, LLCInvestment volume: 237 million rublesImplementation period: 2013

The principal activities of the Primorskaya Poultry Farm, LLC are as follows:

  • Production of hatching eggs;
  • Day-old broiler chicken hatch;
  • Broiler cultivation;
  • Poultry processing and poultry products sale;
  • Operation of ammonia refrigeration equipment and cold production.

The range of output products is represented by more than 30 kinds of poultry meat and semi-finished products, including:

  • chicken thigh,
  • chicken drumstick,
  • chicken breast,
  • chicken wings,
  • chicken ventricles,
  • chicken liver and
  • broiler meat.